Saint Olaf Catholic School

 Saint Olaf Catholic School Rules

1. Follow directions first time given.
2. Keep hands, feet, mouth, and objects to self
3. Always be in the proper place at the proper time.
4. Walk in the building - use a 2" whisper.
5. Use all materials and equipment properly.

Discipline will be administered when any individuals actions interfere with the right of teachers to teach and the students to learn. In all cases, students will be treated respectfully and fairly.

Classroom Rules 

 Simple, clear, and consistent guidelines are stated and posted in the classroom for the students.

 Consequences given to a student for inappropriate actions or disregard for another's rights or safety are determined by the teacher and explained to the students in advance. They are both appropriate for the child's age and maturity, and meaningful for the individual child.

 If the Situation warrants, the principal is brought into the discipline process. This will occur only after the teacher has used every possible recourse, including parental conferences. The principal's involvement indicates that a severe discipline problem exists, and severe consequences may result. The principal may revoke recesses. Other consequences may involve staying after school, parental conferences, in-school suspension, suspension or expulsion from school. 

 Internet Safety

 The Internet is a tremendous resource for our children and staff and connects them to the rest of the world and to a vast information system. At the same time, we recognize that the Internet can provide access to some material that may be inappropriate, offensive, or obscene. We believe that our children need to, and can learn to use this resource in an appropriate manner.  

 Terms & Conditions of this Agreement – Acceptable Use  

 A technology protection measure (internet filtering software) is installed on the system that blocks or filters Internet access. It protects against access by adults and minors to visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or material that is harmful to minors.  

 A teacher or administrator will actively supervise all students when using on-line resources to ensure the safety and security of minors when using the Internet.  

The school e-mail system is restricted for faculty and staff use only. 

 No student will be allowed to use the Internet until s/he has taken an Internet orientation (NetSafe).