Saint Olaf Catholic School

Faculty and Staff 

Principal: Casey Pond

Secretary: Jill Moffat

Advancement Director: Diane Parkin

Per-Kindergarten: Sarah Hovanec

Kindergarten: Andrea Grafton

1st Grade: Sarah Brann

2nd Grade: Laurie Jacobs

3rd Grade: Joseph Vatsend

4th Grade: Sue Phillips

 Sue has been a faculty member for just shy of a year. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boise State University with endorsements in Special Education and English as a second language. Currently, she is our 4th grade teacher. Her desire is to foster the growth of her students spiritually and academically. Her focus is to create a Christ-centered, activity based classroom where students feel loved and challenged. Outside of class, her interests include walking, reading, attending the Symphony and other live performances. She especially enjoys traveling, specifically to Seattle and Yorktown VA to visit her sons!

5th Grade: Jeriel Zedaker

 Jeriel has been a faculty member of St Olaf Catholic School for 5 years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementray Education from the University of Utah. Currently, Jeriel is our 5th grade teacher. Her focus is differentiation for students' success with a focus on using technology in the class room. Outside of class, her interests include camping, boating, traveling, piano, golf, crafts, gardening and cooking.

6th Grade: Matt Pack

7th Grade: Cathy Moore

8th Grade: Chris Stokes

MS Religion: Kimberly Turner

Physical Education: Kim Evans

Library / Art: Kathy Dorich

Learning Center: Mary Vaughan

Music: Radu Noaghiu

Spanish: Amparo Scorcia