Saint Olaf Catholic School


 Saint Olaf Catholic School has always been grateful for the generosity of those who have supported our school with monetary donations, donations in kind, parental and family participation which help defray many essential costs.

 Our school needs additional income to cover our educational expenses. We invite you to participate in our mission for the continuation of our excellent educational program for our students.

Auction Sneak Peak Item 

The handbag: it's your constant companion, your security blanket, your way-more-than-an-accessory accessory.

Kate Spade

Too lovely to be purely functional, the new Jackson street Marybeth is nevertheless a very handy handbag; not only is this clean-lined pebbled leather satchel roomy enough to carry a standard-sized laptop, but it also comes with a (removable) case designed with for precisely that purpose!

Size 10.1"h x 13.8"w x 5.5"d
· pebbled leather with matching trim
· book stripe print on poly twill
· 14-karat gold plated hardware
· over the shoulder bag with zipper closure
· triple compartment
· imported