Saint Olaf Catholic School

Mission Statement

 We RISE as a community of learners, continually growing as Christ centered individuals throughout life’s journey.  

 Responsibly: help students become self-disciplined and follow the school rules. 

 Intellectually: teach students the skills that enable them to do their best, to strive to reach their potential, and help them to develop a positive attitude toward learning in all academic areas. 

 Spiritually: Attend weekly mass. Begin and end our day with prayer. Help students develop a relationship with God through the teaching of Catholic doctrine and values. 

 Emotionally: Implement and enforce school wide discipline plan that involves positive reinforcement and natural consequences for behavior. 

Handbook  Disclaimer

 I acknowledge that I have read and have access to the Parent/Student Handbook for St. Olaf Catholic School. I agree to abide by the policies and procedures contained herein.

 I acknowledge that the information contained herein is always subject to change, interpretation, and elimination by the administration in its sole discretion, without notice.

 I understand that any dispute regarding the interpretation of these policies is to be referred to the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, whose decision in such matters shall be final.