Saint Olaf Catholic School

St. Olaf Catholic School Student Learning Expectations 

Integrate Catholic values, beliefs and traditions in their lives. 

  • Develop a personal relationship with God 
  • Demonstrate understanding of core Catholic beliefs 
  • Make choices based on Christian values 
  • Serve family, school, and church, local and world community 


Listen and communicate effectively 

Exchange information and ideas clearly and proficiently 

  •  Written language 
  •  Verbal language 
  •  Non-verbal language 
  •  Fine arts 

Interact effectively with others 

Work collaboratively with others including people of diverse backgrounds 

Plan in a systematic method 

Lead and motivate others  

Seek knowledge and understanding 

Will have acquired fundamental skills in core academic areas 

Use effective learning techniques to acquire and apply knowledge 

Demonstrate resourcefulness and responsibility for own learning 

Use technology as a tool 

Use technology to access, analyze, organize and process information 

Use technology appropriately 

Apply technical reasoning skills

 Think critically and solve problems 

Become actively involved in creative problem solving 

Use organization and time management skills 

Generate new ideas 

Analyze and adapt to changing environment 

Make decisions based on facts 

Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle 

Set own goals