Saint Olaf Catholic School

Summer Camp


  Saint Olaf Catholic School Summer Camp is open to community children ages 5 to 12. We are so excited to have so much planned for the summer of 2016. We have many activities, crafts, games, snacks, fun, and entertainment set and ready. We will be traveling to swimming pools several times a week and field trips to other various locations.  

 Camp will be open daily beginning June 8 - August 5. (School begins the 15th of August.) The camp is open from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. There is a $25 per child registration fee. The cost this year will be $35 a day per child. Field trips are Monday through Thursday from 12pm to 4pm. Please call the office at 801-295-5341 for more information.

If St. Olaf School parents need to apply for reduced summer camp rates, please talk to Mrs. Jacobs.