Saint Olaf Catholic School

Tuition Schedule

Registration (Non-Refundable)

Pre-K through 8th Grade                 $150

School Fees
Textbooks & Consumables             $100
Milk (per student)                               $40
Yearbook (per student)                     $25
Home & School (per fam)                 $20
Auction Project (per stdnt)                $10   
        Science Fee (4th - 8th)                         $30
        Graduation Fee (8th Grade)               $50

Kindergarten - 8th Grade Tuition
Tier 1 Full Tuition                           $6280
Tier 2 Catholic Tuition*                 $5025
Tier 3 Fair Share Tuition                FACTS
Tier 4 International Student         $9910

Pre Kindergarten
Tier 1 Full Tuition                          $4104
Tier 2 Catholic Tuition                  $3385


*To be eligible for the Tier 2 Catholic tuition rate a family must:

  • Provide a copy of the Catholic baptismal certificate for the student 
  • Be registered, attend and support a Utah Catholic parish 
  • Complete the application for the Tier 2 Catholic tuition rate

Families that do not meet the criteria above must pay the Tier 1 tuition rate.

Fair Share Tuition
If you require reduced tuition please fill out an application and submit to FACTS at FACTS is an outside agency that will compute the needs of each family and submit a recommendation to Saint Olaf as to the amount of tuition that can be afforded by each family. If you have children in other Catholic schools, only one application is necessary and the fair share tuition will be coordinated between the schools.

Tuition is an investment in your child.